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Thread: How much would it cost for an above average sound system?

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    How much would it cost for an above average sound system?


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    An above-average sound system will cost more than average.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    roughly 2317.95 plus tax

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    "Average prices on each component thats good would be nice"

    That just sounds like you're asking someone to do the research for you. You're not going to get a friendly response with that.

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    Find the median cost, and add a penny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by H20 View Post
    I mean 2-3 Subs, an AMP, upgraded speakers, new deck, etc., with all the wiring and all that. How much would it cost to put a banging system into a car? Average prices on each component thats good would be nice
    Im sorry H20 but if your serious, there are more than plenty of places to do your own researching..

    Best way to find your answer, go to a local audio shop. listen to their stuff, ask for a quote.

    Your question is about as good as

    "I was wondering how much a good place to live costs"

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