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    I was thinking about how wireless could be used and thought that ppl could trade mp3 vids while driving down the motorway =)
    How cool would that be =)
    I was just wondering what your idea's are on the uses of wireless and what you think of them

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    I think your insane if your going to drive around with a windows box with 802.11b with no security and file sharing wide open.
    It takes 5 seconds to get in and delete an important file.
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    You do know you don't have to share a whole drive right? One could just share the directory with MP3s. It's not quite the security suicide you made it out to be.

    Anyway, 802.11 doesn't have the range for this sort of thing. Neat idea and I'm sure in the future we will have fast net access in the car, but it'll be a while.
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    How about car to car video conferencing?
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    Sure, it'd work. the main problem is getting both cars in the same network. If your friends have the 802.11b setups, then its no problem, hop on addresses for everyone, stick an omni-5 antenna or something on your car, and vid conf, share files, etc.. But if you want to just pull up next to someone who has a car-PC, it may get tricky. If its just netbios, it may work that way, but can't stream video with it.
    and sure, just share a directory or two, with READ ONLY access. It would be silly to share the whole drive, and wander around with no WEP security. Also, don't rely on w95/98 passwords. Those can be hacked in a matter of seconds.

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