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Thread: '07 TBlazer--Screen Mount Q & PC Q

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    Question '07 TBlazer--Screen Mount Q & PC Q

    I have a 2007 Trailblazer. I'm interested in installing a carputer in mine.

    I searched the forum for screen mounting ideas and found the following thread.
    Trailblazer Carputer Project - COMPLETE!!!

    1) Does anyone know if the opening/hole is the same size on the '07 as it is on the '04? That WE87's looks like it fits pretty well. My goal is to have a carputer that will replace my factory HU.

    2) My TBlazer came with BOSE installed. Is the BOSE functionality embedded in the HU or will I still have the BOSE quality with the carputer?

    3) I have an unused tower PC that I'm considering setting up in the back. What kind of issues can I expect as a result of heat/cold? The windows are factory tinted, so that should help and I have the cargo cover (tan) which should also help keep it out of direct sunlight. I'm concerned that when it gets really cold, there might be issues with booting up in the cold.



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    a quick search online shows that your dash should be about the same as the 04---it might just be inset a little more

    after searching crutchfield, i found this adapter for aftermarket stereos that, with a little modification, should work, (the bose system is separate from the HU, and as such can be used fairly easily)

    as to the cold, i have just gotten into carputers, so i really can't comment on that

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    Thanks for the info. Hopefully someone else might respond on the temperature question.

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