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Thread: PushButton to open file....custom install

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    PushButton to open file....custom install

    Hey Mp3car users-

    I'm a productions engineer in washington dc. I've read the forum for a few years now, and want to come to y'all with a problem that i think should have an easy fix. I'm going to use a computer in the head end of the system (mac or PC- doesn't madder).

    I've heard of all the requirements being used in MP3 cars, and i want to pick y'alls brains for any info.

    I have been contracted to install a sounds system at a summer camp. The directors say it must meet the following criteria:

    ~An Mp3 file needs to play each morning at 7:45 (wake-up bell)
    ~I need a "lunch is ready" button, something that is easily accessible and a physical switch (or touchscreen button). it should trigger an mp3 file to play
    ~a wireless keyfob/garage door opener type device needs to trigger the computer to play yet another computer file. It'll be used when the bus is ready to leave (within 100' of computer)


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    I am hesitant to reply, but I don't think you need MP3ar input as much as you need home automation help. Everything you want to do is readily available through commercial and shareware X-10 home automation hardware and software. Check out the website. They have a $99 starter kit with hardware and software that you should be able to program for all your needs.

    Again, check on some of the home automation forums they can probably direct you to much cheaper alternatives.
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    thankyou mate! I really didnt have any idea where to start. I'll head that direction.


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