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Thread: Gave in and bought the Eclipse AVN2210p

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    Gave in and bought the Eclipse AVN2210p

    I had big dreams for the Stang. Even have the fab skills. But a good deal come up that I couldn't refuse.

    The Eclipse AVN2210p.
    Tomtom navigation, bluetooth, Ipod interface, front USB input.

    Reasons: I experiminted for months with the different front ends and software combos and OS tweaks. Different versions of windows and what not. I got the boot times down pretty low. But I picked it up off of Ebay for $355. I got the Ipod cable from crutchfield. And the bluetooth was built in and intergated with the Tomtom. Despite the small screen size, it is actually very easy to read and see. It is really nice to hear the nav promts come over the driver speaker while muting the audio. Calls come in loud and clear, again automatically mutting the music. I even modded the startup screen for the Mustang. Best of all, zero headaches. Miniminal time invested. heck, hardly any money invested.

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    Well it just depends on what your into, and how dedicated you are to the hobby (this is a hobby of some sort.) I wanted more then what the eclipse can do. It cant go on the internet, it isnt upgradable, and you cant add features to it. My system is connected to the internet on startup and I can stream satellite TV with 518 channels via slingbox.... XM radio, I can also play video games via Sega Emulator and also through Game Tap. Im also looking into a way to control vongo from my car so it will download the movies onto my Media PC at home and I can watch them in the car without having to download it into the car. Also if a part breaks on a PC, simply take that part out and throw it away and buy a new one. Anyways thats just my say on it.

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    Great !


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