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Thread: mouse problems

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    mouse problems

    I purchase a 8 inch touch screen monitor. I loaded the software into my pc . the software works but when i use the touchscreen the mouse does not work correctly. If I go up the mouse goes down . what can i do tofix this problem

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    A) More information is needed to help you trouble shoot this issue. Any time you post on a forum it's always a good idea to list the exact product you are having trouble with.
    B) Have you calibrated your touch screen? Many times, the software that comes with the screen includes calibration software. Sometimes it's just a 4 point calibration, sometimes it's 9, sometimes it's 25.
    C) Has this screen been molded into the dash of your vehicle or is it still just in the original housing?
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    Also is you panel next to A/C vents. When my screen would get cold, It would not work currectly. It does sound like you have not calibrated the screen though. Just connect a normal mouse, so you can get to the calibration menu, then calibrate using the touch screen and enjoy.

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