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Thread: Gluing vinyl to acrylic

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    Gluing vinyl to acrylic

    After discovering that there's a fabric store on the way home from work, I purchased some vinyl fabric (that is hopefully a good match ) to go over the acrylic piece that my LCD attaches to. Now the question is, whats the best glue to to glue the vinyl to the acrylic?

    This is the piece, the center staying exposed acrylic (above the active part of the screen):

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    try contact cement spray from the fabric place. My local fabric store sells this glue call "Tac-It" The glue should be yellow. Make sure the surface is clean then spray both the vinyl and the acrylic with the adhesive. wait about 15 minutes or until the glue is dry to the touch. Make sure its not sticky at all or else it wont bond. Once the glue is not sticky anymore, carefully bond the vinyl to the acrylic. Make sure there are no wrinkles. Once it bonds, its really hard to peel off the vinyl for do over. If you cant the spray glue, you can goto home depot and buy a small can of DAP or liquid nail contact cement and brush it on. It is very important to wait for the glue to dry before bonding. Best of luck


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