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Thread: a warning to all prospective carputer installers!

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    you know a couple of years ago there were no solutions you could by to provide the kind of things people were doing here, even 1 year ago. in fact i would not be surprised if amateurs installing computers in their cars inspired some of the commercial products and features you see on the market today. also a lot of people enjoy creating a project themselves, they can practically build exactly what they want, update it whenever, think of new ideas and try them out. for those that just want the functionality, and aren't really interested in doing the work, or experimenting, then just by off the shelf commercial equipment, if you've got the money, a lot stuff is out there now.

    Quote Originally Posted by dazza666 View Post
    Hi guys, I havenít posted on here for about a year now, I thought after my carputer installation that I would share with you my overall experience...

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    I have had my carpc in for about 3 months now. Haven't had any issues, well major issues. Any issues I've had is from my own stupidity of tinkering with things that were uneeded. Install went as seamless as an amp install. Maybe a bit more wires, but no biggie. I think if you have done your research thoroughly, there shouldn't be any major issues. The only major annoyance I have is cold boot time, but that will be fixed when I get around to tinkering with the OS. After having the access to thousands of songs and hundreds to thousands of movies, music videos, comedy series like The Chappell Show, SNL etc. I wouldn't change back to a normal HU or even a TV HU. Just my two cents. One person posted something about the Ford/microsoft sync, but even that is limited in functionality. I think a carpc is an endless possibility for car entertainment. I'll even bet in the near future we would see an operating system that is an out-of-the-box set up limited only to an entertainment package withouth the nonesense. Where the designer understands the needs of the niche industry. Such things as lightning fast boot times. I for one would be sold to buy an entertainment package OS that was partnered and provenly tested to be seamless with a standard front end such as Street Deck or others. The goal would be to make a one stop purchase and not have to tinker with the software.

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    MMMmm - I dont have any problems.... and I've done this for how many years ??? The challenges are part of the fun.... when its working you get board ( well I do ) - I end up pushing it and doing new stuff....

    Can I suggest you go and buy a Alpine , Sony, kenwood or any other OEM head - you may be happier.


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    Well i have been on here for quite a while i had second thoughts about the car pc and went to the extent of selling my TS, mind you i had done extensive testing and even researched and picked en4cers brain about 20 time about e36 BMW installs but i must say after going out and buying a stock BMW head unit then realizing i would still need a solid CD changer mad absolutlly no sense. Especially considering i have all the core hardware needed to build my car PC (minus, touch screen and e36 bezel)

    the most fun is the tinkering, and after seeing a few e36 dont it inspired me to step up my game and get this project rolling.

    as for your situation DAZZZ or what ever youe SN is dont flame cause you are a technical guy that doesnt like to get technical, this is a hobby that pays off when done CORRECTLY.

    unfortunatly you bought an indash unit. on top of that the majority of your 21 posts where about the CRAPTASTIC screen. Most of us here are convinved this is a great solution when done properly. so it will be hard to find an unbiased member.

    EVERYONES systems is based on trial and error.

    what type of car was this going in? i just hope it isnt something that was easy to modify the dash.

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    A carputer can be built in such a way, that anyone can use it, even people with no special computer skills. It is a lot of work though and not everyone can do that. It is true, that many (most?) installations do not get that far. The most common situations as I see them are:

    1. The creator is not thorough and capable enough and simply cannot pull it off.
    2. The carputer is a hobby and the creator simply wants to have it in use asap, so he installs the carputer and accepts smaller problems and invonvenience in use, because he (unlike regular users) is able to deal with them easily.
    3. The carputer is always in development. Its owner continues to add new functions and ideas to the installation and these are responsible for the installation not being "bomb-proof and idiot-safe".

    I have built my first carputer back in 2002 and since then, I have seen (and done) quite a few other installations. My own installation in V480 is the third type - all new stuff, but I pay for that with occasional problems. The installations in my Tatra and my father's Blazer may not have the newest bells and whistles (both using only tested and stable software and hardware and not touched for long time) but are solid and can be used by anoyne. We have tested this on several people and all were able to figure out the controls and use the basic features within a few minutes.

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    i must admit, some days i wonder if its all worth it (when its not going right) but most of the time i love it!! the thing i see with mine is that its never finished, which is nice because it can be an ongoing progect that just gets better and better!

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    I think dazza is long gone from here, with his tail between his legs.

    Dazza, if you do come back and read this, don't fret or take anything anyone here says too hard or personally... and I agree with everyone. Plain and simple, part of the car pc hobby is troubleshooting, changing, and upgrading to make things better. And this is a constant throughout the life of the hobby for any one person. Like Enforcer said in his first post, this hobby simply isn't for you. End of story.

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    I have said repeatedly that I can't imagine not have a carputer now. When I get around to redoing my CRX someday, it will be a carputer. I'm trying to talk my brother into one for his truck. He has currently has the Kenwood flipout screen/gps/mp3 harddrive all in one thingy. I very much prefer my carputer to his setup.

    I have however, had several people inquire about us doing a carputer for them. One was even supposedly a pro football player friend of a friend sorta thing. I flat refused, saying that carputers are not for everyone. You do really need to know your way around a computer, and I don't want the headache of the endless phone calls about "How do I do this or that" or "It's not playing right/had a virus/not booting/etc/etc".

    For myself, however, I won't be going back to a regular HU for a very long time.

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    I don't even have a carpc yet and I saw that your route was absolutely half-assed. Most of the people here put time and effort into getting something awesome. You just threw money at turn key solutions(laptop, motorized lilliput, cigarette plug power) and thought it would be the same as a customized carpc. FOR SHAME!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lenso View Post
    I don't even have a carpc yet and I saw that your route was absolutely half-assed. Most of the people here put time and effort into getting something awesome. You just threw money at turn key solutions(laptop, motorized lilliput, cigarette plug power) and thought it would be the same as a customized carpc. FOR SHAME!
    Awesome post #1.
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