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Thread: Why a pc in a car?

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    Why a pc in a car?

    Whats everyones reasons for having a pc in their car.

    Just wondering what people are using theirs for, i'm planning on using mine for:


    a full Multimedia setup

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    I use mine for typing papers on those long, lonely commutes @ 75mph down the freeway...

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    I put one in mostly because I couldn't find a head unit/system that fits my tastes and requirements. At least now, if I don't like where a control is on the touch screen, I can simply move it! I have full control over how things are played, when things are played, and what things are played. Its amazing how much things evolve and refine in a 24/7/365 beta test!
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    1. because there are no radio stations that play the music that i want to hear.

    2. if i do find a station that i like, there is only 20 minutes of music and then 20 minutes of comercials.

    3. im not going to put all my mp3s on cds just to carry around hundreds of cds.

    4. because everyone told me i was stupid to even try.

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    *All my music is on mp3
    *Cd's cant hold that much music and they get scratchy
    *(practically) no one has it here in Sweden
    *guys with huge mp3-archives get the chicks

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    Because even at home I don't play cds (I don't own a cd player or tape deck... except a discman i got for free) so I wanted to be able to handle my music listening needs smililarly in my car.

    I had a gps, but it's a pain in the *** to use my laptop for it in my passenger seat... especially if there's a passenger there.

    The radio _sucks_ I listen to sports on the AM station, there's a caribbean/reggae station on am 1190 that i put on occassionally.. and ONE FM station I listen to that plays Trance on the weekends. On a rare occassion I listen to the classic rock statoin, but they play the same songs every day.. there's a lot of classic rock out there.. you shouldn't have to repeat more than the top of the chart stations.

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    Originally posted by mp3z24
    1. because there are no radio stations that play the music that i want to hear.

    2. if i do find a station that i like, there is only 20 minutes of music and then 20 minutes of comercials.

    3. im not going to put all my mp3s on cds just to carry around hundreds of cds.

    4. because everyone told me i was stupid to even try.

    That's me, 100%

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    mines mostly for MP3s, and ill play some divx because i can. and because ive got computers all around my house, so i dont know if ill be able to survive w/o in the car.

    eventually when i get more money i want gps, but not right now, my budget is too small, and im building from all my computer parts that i had lieing around after my computer upgrade.
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    * Australian radio sux - unless you like hearing the same playlist of 20 songs each day, every day!

    * All my home music is mp3, I ditched CD's years ago for mp3 - so it seemed logical to do so in the car (I have been mp3car'in it for 4 years now)

    * Saves having to drag music in/out of that car when u want it... just have a huge playlist in the car, all the time - convienient

    * DivX - nice for eye candy, and sometimes actually gets used on a long trip!

    * I like hardware/construction projects/tinkering with electronics/software/etc... and I like my car.

    So it all seemed logical in the end.... I think you will get roughtly the same responses from everyone tho....
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    I did it because - yeah because of what ??? don't remember exactly - My life was boring - only technically no tech. challenges - had much work for university , and girlfirend also takes time so nothing to be bored - but I'm the kind of crazy guy who cannot live without building things inventing etc ..
    Every time I was looking at those rich guys having navi system in their big cars watching tv i was a bit envious because i didn#T had and have the money to buy such commercial stuff.

    A bit of History & reasons :
    I had the idea of getting mp3 into my car very early and when i was driving i had my notebook beside and was listening to mp3's because german radio stations sucks. On short trips notebook wasn't very practical so one day I saw one of those promising Creative DAP jukeboxes - and bought one - damn - the sound was not loud enough and there was no remote etc etc.. - So long time I lived with this - but the day came i got a char lcd and by searching a bit on the net i was guided to - Oh damn that was the end of having money on bank account and i began planning - last may (may 2002) i decidet transforming my toilet download slave ( computer installed on a deposit ? ( damn internet dictionary) over the toilet because i wished to download at night and my normal pc was too loud to sleep beside.
    Ah yes also the remote control a friend of mine and myself buid was also a reason.
    So in June 2002 the project started by buying a TFT screen on ebay which was broken so bought another one and argued with the seller 2 month for getting my moeny back - The second screen is good so after getting it all speeded up and i had my beta test install and the summer vacations 2002 i ve build a custom case etc..

    So that was the way and the reasons why i got my car pc. After divx etc - it was GPS navigation which has come and so the neverending story continues I think also the fact of getting a bit more media choice was a fact to huild it and also the technical challenge.

    Hope my story was interesting - i couldn't formulate the exact reasons in some words please excuse

    So i hope you understand my half lifestory The longest post i ever did on this forum

    Now time to go sleeping and relax my hands


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