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Thread: sirius on dodge ram 2007

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    sirius on dodge ram 2007

    Hi everybody, I have a Dodge Ram 2007 quad, the truck has a Sirius radio install from factory and I just wanted to know what type is it and where can I find it on the truck, also if I can use it with my car pc that I order, soon my unit will arrived and I wanted to install it, any suggestions will be gladly appreciated.THx

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    As far as type, I'm not sure what that means but if you want to add an aftermarket sirius tuner and use the stock antenna, you have to break apart the connector located in the Passenger kick panel. Once you get the plastic off the connector plugs right into the aftermarket antenna out plug. I did this with my kenwood sirius tuner and it works great.

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    I don't know where they put the sat tuner in the Dodge Ram. You'll want to go to a RAM specific forum and find out where it gets installed. As far as I know, unfortunately that tuner isn't compatible with anything that's controllable from a carPC. You'd need to install a different unit for that.

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