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    Car Images

    Hi, I'm going to try an set up my carputer as a web server using a mobile internet connection that I have in my car. My car is a Renault Laguna. The idea is that I will be able to connect all of the car information that is available to the carputer as display it as an interface. I'm also going to stream out the front and rear webcams along with the gps. The idea is that when user connects to the server, they will get an overhead image of the laguna with status info direct from the ODB2 system and gps receiver in the car. It will also hopefully be able to display if a door is open, tyre pressures and music playing etc. What I'm wondering right now is if anyone have a good quality overhead image of a renault laguna that I can edit to use as the front page :P I have found this image if any one with mad photoshop skillz wants to help me out :P I took a stab at it but didn't get very far. I have most of the concept worked out already, I'll be using flash to design the interface along with php to use the ODB2 information available. Any ideas???
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    sounds entrepreneurial. stream live to people can watch you drive. don't really know how this one is going to work out. People liked because he went places with his camera. Looking at your car might not be so 'thrilling'. Its not a bad idea, just the 'why' factor.

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