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Thread: Possible cdma support using these programs?

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    Possible cdma support using these programs?

    We all know that CDMA is a big PITA for those of use that want to use a cell phone on this protocal with PC software. everyone that seems to be working on phone integration software is using GSM, leaving the rest out in the cold (I mean really, it's all of NA people, someone must be able to figure this out!)
    Been looking around for a solution to using a cdma cell phone with RR and have googled up a couple programs. This thread will be to bring forth possible solutions to the whole cdma issue. If any coders want to contribute, try things out or post possible solutions, please feel free as I can't code.

    SMS programs:

    Nokia phones-

    Nokia SMS



    Qualcomm defined AT commands
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    I was looking for a similar option...i tried a couple of at commands for my vx9400 phone..but hardly ny work...tried the qualcomm...same results....i need a way to get the Called ID reponse command for my phone....

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