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Thread: Any use a Hiinfo Carputer Before

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    Any use a Hiinfo Carputer Before

    I'm new to the carputer scene and have been enjoying reading all the helpful info. I came across the following prebuilt carputer and wanted to know if anyone has used them before? It's from Hiinfo, a company that also makes touch screens. They have a Hiinfo N5, N52 and N53 series is a 2DIN high performance onboard computer product. They come with;

    built in GPS
    Intel ULV 600MHz CPU
    HDD 40GB (extensible to 160GB)
    Memory 512MB (Extensible to 1GB)
    Power Supply- Professional onboard ITPS control system
    6.5" High resolution digital TFT-LCD touch screen (4 wire)
    AM/ FM digital tune FM: 87.5 MHz ~ 108MHz AM: 522kHz ~ 1620 kHz/RDS
    Amplifier Max: 45W*4, 4Ω*4

    I can get the N5 for 800.00 US, N52 for 1100.00 US and N53 for 1200.00 US with all the bells and whistles. What does everyone think?

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    I am also thinking about getting one of these. I would like to get an N53 for my 2005 Suzuki Swift but Hiinfo say that it cannot be fitted in my car (they didn't say why, but I'm guessing the dimensions of it probably don't fit in my car) but they said the N52 will fit fine.

    Has anyone used either of these systems? If so, how good are they?


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