Hi, Ozzi71 requested Trapster as a Windows app (it was already on Windows Mobile PPC / SmartPhone), ask and you shall recieve!

Please e-mail me at [email protected] (note that the site is .com but the e-mail is .net) if you would like to be on the list to get it first and do some testing.

This will require a live Internet conneciton (Trapster is a real-time system), and will use the same hybrid GPS/WiFi location technology that Trapster Mobile uses in the Nokia and WM handsets. You will need GPS, WiFi, or both.

Also, what kind of GPS units do you use? I'm looking at a Garmin 18 OEM. It has a long USB cable. I was told some of you strap the PC under the seat, so a USB GPS stick may not suffice.

PS You can use www.trapster.com/rl/Alertster.php immediately. That's a Web-only, WiFi-only, version. Of course the new one will be a native Windows app.