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Thread: New Car "Computer" Idea.

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    New Car "Computer" Idea.

    How do you guys think a modded xbox (not 360) with XBMC (xbox media center) would work out on a touchscreen? I basically only want music and video on it so the internet and stuff like that isnt a big deal.

    Would the touchsreen work with the xbox? or would i still need to use the controllers (fine if i need controllers, just wondering)

    I was planning on taking apart an xbox controller and mounting the buttons into my center consol so i can just put my hand there and have easy access to changing songs and such.

    More input with questions so ask away. I think this will be a fun and interesting install.

    (Now a 97 firebird btw, not 93 camaro...)

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    Sorry guys, should have done a search first. (i know how irritated people get with that, lol) i was in a hurry because im on my lunch break and its ending soon. :/.

    either way, any input or questions, id love to hear them.

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