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Thread: Ideas for mounting CarPC in trunk

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    Yeah that's my setup,

    and thanks for the FusionFanatic. I'll work on those cables....


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    How pretty do you want to make it? You could get really "pro" on it and fab up a nice shelf. Maybe something that will allow you to add an amp and a capacitor if you plan on throwing a system in there.

    I've been looking around on to get some fabbing ideas for the same purpose for my bravada and there's a lot of boxes that people have built that might give you some inspiration. Search fiberglass on if you want to see what other people are doing.

    For myself, I'm planning on doing a nice 3 stack shelf that will have a recessed shelf for me to rest my pc in, then a shelf for an amp, and a shelf for an inverter. I was thinking maybe I could put a ledge, like a riser at the top or bottom of each of the shelves to put a neon in to really kind of show off each component.

    I've already bought all of my supplies to fab a shelf, total it was under $80 for the fiberglassing materials. So far at least.

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    Here's my PC mounting solution. My case fits nicely into the dip in the plastic molding (I don't have any pics of it though, go figure). I couldn't do a rear seat mount because of my subs.
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    I've gotta go to bed... everytime I see the word "trunk" I read "truck".
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