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Thread: LOOK "Australian New CAR PC Forum "

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    LOOK "Australian New CAR PC Forum "

    Calling all Aussies CAR PC owners I have set up a forum so we are a little closer to Home and can chat online about some local CAR setups ,technical help on a local level with links to local CAR PC groups and equipment sourcing and technical meets around the suburbs and maybe setup a few clubs
    please come say hello and give me a hand if you like
    looking forward to seeing you then

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    Wazza - It is cool that you are trying to get a local thing going in Australia. Thanks for the car computing excitement! you have however made 4 posts in the last 2 hours promoting your new site. The other 3 have been deleted. Please chill out a bit.

    I love the enthusiasm but you are bordering on violating the rules.

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