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Thread: Help with Custom CarPC Setup.

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    Help with Custom CarPC Setup.

    so before i start explaining my problem I will start by explaining what I am trying to do so you have a better understanding of where I am heading with this build.

    I am trying to make a custom MP3 Music player for my car. Basicly: Windows XP, Winamp and 80gig HDD filled with Mp3s already preloaded in a huge playlist.

    Now the Tricky and custom part: using a USB Bluetooth adapter and a typical bluetooth microphone/earpiece, I would have a Vloume control knob that also acts as a button mounted where the lighter is. (I was planning to go with this but I'll get to this as a problem later: Pressing the Button would activate a "Push to Talk Function" with the software Dragon Naturally Speaking where I can trigger specific voice commands to make keyboard shortucts for Winamp work. (i.e. "Next Track" would press "Ctrl+Alt+PgDwn" and go to the next track in the playlist) I also Plan to implement advanced voice macros to Search for specific artists or song to play but that is just playing around with the software.

    NOW... the Actual Problem I'm facing. that Griffin PowerMate button/wheel is not so compatible with WinXP and has driver issues where it sometimes requires to unplug the USB cable and replug it. (big issue when the actual PC unit won,t be accessible from the driver seat.)

    Does anyone know of another Knob/Button combo that is USB or maybe even firewire?

    Also as far as "Display" I want to remove the Ashtray next to the Lighter area and put a tiny basic LCD screen that would only display the Track info of what is currently playing (or selected to play). I do not know of any hardware that would display only that specific information.

    Any help with those 2 pieces of Hardware would be appreciated.

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    so I've actually changed my mind a bit to fix one of my problems. I will simply change the voice commands to be more "complicated" instead of having a push-to-talk function key. So All I would need is the Volum knob and the basic LCD display for the track info.

    I figured I'd go with Phidgets but I don't know which ones or how I'd make them work. (never worked with these before) Any suggestions on which to get? and maybe links on how to use them on a PC? (couldnt find any searching)

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