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Thread: IN-909 Headrest LCD wiring Help?

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    IN-909 Headrest LCD wiring Help?

    Hi all,
    Just bought a pair of IN-909 Headrests. Please view the wiring schematic below to answer my question. These headrests supposedly have wireless headphone capabilities. They do not have speakers.
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    Here are my questions:
    1.Audio wires RED and GREEN hook ups are for what? Video1 or Video2?
    2. What do those Audio input wires hook up to?

    I would think that I should hook up my Radio's DVD audio output to these and they would then be able to send a wireless signal to my wireless headsets? Is that correct? and if so are these audio inputs part of video input 1 or video input 2 or both?

    Another odd thing is we usually see Audio to be White and Red but in this case they are Red and Green? Is it stereo? or are they mono and one of them for video1 and one video 2?

    If anyone could shed some light I would be greatly appreciative.

    I tried the screens yesterday, I hooked up a portable dvd player through the av port on the front of the headrests lcd screen and then hooked the audio out from the dvd portable unit and tried to get sound from my wireless headphones but heard nothing! then I tried connecting the portable dvd player to the yellow video input 2 and the audio inputs also but still no sound from my wireless headphones??? at a loss to what I do with these two audio inputs to get my wireless headphones working?????
    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    HEy where are the techies? I guess no one knows the answer to these questions? Maybe someone knows where I could find the answers?

    Please help if you know!

    If not thanks anyways..

    Talk to you guys soon

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