Searched the forums abit, but didnt find anything what helps me, so here is my problem:

Im having yet another headbreaker on my system. I use the DeLock PCI->PCMCIA (it has R5C485 chipset) card for my AverMedia DVB card and when I wake the system from suspend (S3) either of the cards wont work. I cant tell wich one, because the only visible difference i see, is that the green led wich indicates the 3.3V power in the back of PCI cad does not lit up (actually it does lit, but only for a second). If i check from System manager in XP i see both the cards, and it claims that both are working correctly. If i do a restart then it will work fine, untill i put the system to suspend again.
Any ideas? where to look? I bet its some minor value in some *.dll but im too noob to handle those alone.