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Thread: Can I remove head unit in BMW?

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    Can I remove head unit in BMW?

    Hello all, I have been reading on here for a while and searched for my answer. Most BMW installs that utilize iBus, have the HU in the glove box or elsewhere. My question, is it possible to remove the HU and still use the steering wheel controls through ibus, if not, is there another way to use the stock controls? A CD changer isn't that important to me but if I can use it, that would be cool too.

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    Yep. Many of us are using the IBUS interface from Rolf Resler. Look for an e46 thread from Zebel and another from..... oh i forget.. anyhow search here and at e46fanatics and you'll see plenty of good examples. look for Warfield's thread for a great ibus plugin for RoadRunner.. you can customize steering wheel buttons for each RR screen

    One more thing... check out Visteon HD Zoom radio (ebay) and MitchJS cable ( for an excellent HU replacement that can be controlled by pc

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    Sweetness, I have been on E46fanatics for a little while now and this is next stage of that damn mod bug. Thanks for the advice on the HD radio.

    As far as a SVEN4 to balance my signal. I have a Audiocontrol LC6 but I'm guessing I need the opposite input/output jacks as a usual line output. For example, the LC6 uses speaker wire inputs and RCA outputs. Can I still use it?

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