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Thread: car pc on a shoe string budget

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    car pc on a shoe string budget

    Basically i want to build a car pc for all my music, but like most people i dont wanna spend much money nor am i allowed cause my wife insists her love of hand bags come first lol.
    Firstly i want it to run a touch screen 7inch monitor at the front and to feed 2 amps 1 for the speakers and 1 for the sub, also want it to have a removable hd(which i guess is easy due to usb).
    so what route is the cheapest route? am i better looking for a laptop with a broken screen?, simply buying a old desktop/ desktop parts and custom making a case for all the relevent components? , or in the end just buying a carputer, i have a long wait till i will actually putting this project into fruition so i dont mind trawling ebay for cheap parts
    thanks in advance

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    thanks that deffinatly sorted out the sound and the screen question, wouldn't mind hearing peoples experiences on the 3 types of builds what worked out cheaper for them

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