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Thread: AUX location in my 1999 Malibu

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    So I got an FM transmitter, and it works great. Only thing is, some songs have a "crackling" noise but that's only because the volume is low, so I have to put the volume up on my radio. I can fix that later by changing the original volume of songs through iTunes. Besides that, the quality of sound is great, almost CD like. I would definitely recommend getting an FM transmitter for those that don't want to spend a lot of money.

    I found an iTrip online for 3.99 on Amazon. And I didn't even have trouble finding an unused station. Usually, the lower range of the spectrum is never used, so I use 88.2 and it works great.

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    Glad it worked well for you. I know the one I had wasn't worth the batteries it used.

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