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Thread: Climate Control- keep the CPU warm in winter?

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    Question Climate Control- keep the CPU warm in winter?

    Hey guys

    So I just got laid off my job (god dam outsourcing to over seas...) so I figured now's a good time to do my carputer up.. I've got most of my parts ordered, and I'm starting to build cases and such (I'll come up with pics when it starts getting to the interesting zone), but one thing that kinda crossed my mind that I never considered, was climate control for the PC.

    I know a lot of you in places like Florida and California have nothing to worry about, but for the rest of you, do you have any sort of problems when winter comes around, and your computer getting too cold? I know these things are rated for a certain temperature, but I've never actually tested one to find out what happens when they get below that temp.

    A small idea crossed my mind of getting something like one of those USB cup warmers, and setting up a temp monitor, so when the temp is below a certain level, turn on the cup warmer inside the computer case to keep it at a reasonable temp.

    Ideas? am I completely way off?


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    The cold will only affect it when it is first starting up, once it is up and running the heat it generates should be enough to keep it within it's temperature ranges.

    So whatever you do would have to wrm it up before you start it.

    bear in mind heating a PC when it is cold may causes issues with condensation.

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    Or a side benefit of a BlueHeat system!
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    Hey man! I'm in the Okanagan too! On my CarPC last winter, I would sometimes have problems when starting it up. (Due to the harddrive, might be less of an issue with flash memory drive) but a few seconds later it wold start up fine. Once the computer is going you don't have to worry about any heat issues, it will generate enough heat to keep it self warm.

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