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Thread: Read / Write Can bus

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    Read / Write Can bus

    Hey guys,

    New member to the forums, but I have been reading on here for quite a while.

    This might be in the wrong section but heres what I'm wondering. Does anyone know of a cable / card for a PC that will interface with the Can Bus on my 07 Chrysler 300.

    What I want to do is read messages off the can bus network for lets say, volume up on the steering wheel and then adjust the volume of the PC accordingly.

    Also to write back to the car from the PC such as a message to arm the Factory Alarm.

    This is basically the only thing stopping me from adding a PC in my car. If I could get this functionality then the possibilities would be endless.

    Thanks a ton guys,

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    There are a number of CAN Bus adapters out there that will provide you what you want. The hard part isn't the adapter or even the programming to read messages and act accordingly. The hard part is finding the message ID to the right message and decoding it accordingly.

    For example, Tomi Liljemark has been working on the CAN Bus messages for the Saab 9-3 (and so far, the ones I've tested are the same for the 9-5). Scroll down to message ID 290h - it's the one for steering wheel buttons. Even after you receive the message, there's some bit manipulation necessary to know which button was pressed.

    Tomi's site shows three different CAN Bus adapters (2 USB and 1 serial). Another company to look at is Kvaser. If you want to build your own, Elektor has a design in their February 2008 issue that I built to experiment with on my Saab.

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    awsome thanks a ton, ill start reading

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