Howdy gang!
I happen to be thinking about my future car pc while playing with a samsung epix the other day.
I had originally wanted some sort of laptop mouse trackpad integrated into the car. I figured for those days where I am lazy, I don't have to reach the extra 5" and use the touchscreen ;-).
...Well, the Epix just so happens to have a built in optical mouse lens/button that controls the cursor of the phone. It's no bigger than .5"x.5". I think this would be awesome to incorporate into a car pc. It's small!!! lol.
Has anyone had the chance to check one of these out? Are there other products out there with the same concept? ...the only problem would be finding a junk Epix where I can steal the optical lens! UNLESS, there is a way to have the actual phone w/ cursor control the PC while tethered & giving me internet. lol.

Or I can use the HTC Touch Pro's touchscreen as a cursor! Something else to think about.

I'm about to run, sorry for the babbling, horrible english.