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Thread: Tried LS-Filter VST crossover...nice!

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    ok i'll try it

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    Quote Originally Posted by WuNgUn View Post
    Firstly, I'd recommend ASIO4All you have these installed and setup?
    To simplify things, I use Virtual Audio Cable as my default output device for the player...
    Secondly, you need to make sure your audio playing device (Windows Media Player, Centrafuse, etc.) is outputing needs to send the audio stream to VAC.

    Now in AudioMulch, you have to set your INPUT channels to Virtual Audio Cable. This will bring the audio TO AudioMulch without it going thru your sound card/speakers...
    Once that is setup, configure your VST plugins how you like, and then patch it thru to your outputs in AudioMulch...

    If your using a 7.1 card and ASIO4All, then you should see 8 output channels in the Audiomulch setup.
    Stream your outputs to which ever channels you like, and jack-in your speakers to test each output jack...

    You can configure the VU meters in AudioMulch for whatever input and output channels you wish. If your not seeing any input on the VU meter, then something isn't setup right...

    Also, some sound card drivers don't have an issue with this, some do...i.e. your center/sub output might not be discrete thru AudioMulch, or not all channels will be available, etc...
    This might take some trial and error...for example, I'm running XP, and to get my sound cards to work properly in EVERY scenario, I'm actually using 6 month old Vista drivers! Hey, it works!

    Also, my setup is active crossover...for this I configure all my LEFT channels for lowpass, and all my right channels for highpass...
    This seems to be the best way of doing active that I've figured out. Just be careful when it comes time to amping your don't want to run lowpass into your tweets accidently!!

    As far as your hardware is concerned, the only way to be sure that you can use 2 soundcards in your system is to test it.

    Both Vista and XP can 'see' and run more than one audio device...
    However, the control panel software that comes with the cards will more likely than not, have problems with 2 cards running.
    Mine can only 'see' one of the cards at a time (always the same one) but I can disable that one in the device manager, then reopen the software and 'see' the other card, then configure it (to use all 8 channels).

    Depending on the driver also, if I disable the wrong card in the device manager (or sometimes run the control panel software with both cards enabled) I'll bet a BSOD or a lockup...

    It's taken me a LOT of testing and configuring to get my setup working properly...
    You may get lucky with your hardware, or it maybe be impossible. The only thing I can tell is is try it and see.

    Maybe test with your onboard audio WITH your USB soundcard, see if they get along together. This will probably work without any problems because the hardware is different.
    Running 2 identical soundcards is when issues will probably arise.
    with my xonar when i used the center and sub with a low pas...the sub was playing vocal..

    i had to use an y rca ...and use just my sub output, maybe i didnt see something

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    Maybe you just have the two switched around? If your using Audiomulch, and trying to JUST get sub out thru the center/sub, then your not using the proper Xonar drivers...
    Your getting cross-talk...

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