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Thread: Honda Accord Navigation Troubleshoot

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    Honda Accord Navigation Troubleshoot

    i have this JDM Honda Accord CL9 2003 with Japanese Navigation. there are two questions i will ask.

    1. The trouble is, i once removed the battery plugs and the software has stopped working. I know it needs tha Navi DVD to reisntall the programme but its just isnt doing the required job now. I wonder why the DVD player that isnt used much and something that is just meant to read only one DVD all its life stopped working?

    I did let a qualified Honda expert to open it and do the service for me, but again it has just stopped working and never reads the Original Navi DVD to install the programme.

    2. Given the chances if ever it does installs the programme somehow, is there any way to change or hack the programme to read the manual on screen in english? If the hardware complies and is the same as American Acura or Brit Honda Accord with OEM Navi features, would it read a Navi disk from that region to reinstall the function keys?

    Please help

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