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Thread: custom center console

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    custom center console

    I have a 2001 Ford ranger with extended cab. I am looking at making my center console. My objectives are to hold two 8" subs, hold my cb radio and possibly replace, my cup holders. Sketches are attached. The sloped side on the front is for the cb radio. I am looking for something that will meet all my needs. What do you guys think? Also, are there any more suggestions on things to change or add. Not sure what else I may need to add to it. I might add a some switches for exterior lights(off-road, grille lights) or maybe i can add some gauges into it if I can find a place to mount them.

    Any suggestions?
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    where is the carpc going?
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    I will be using my Asus Eee PC to power all of this for now. I had thought about putting a second compartment on top to house the car pc but big magnets and pcs just don't go together.

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