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Thread: Just saying sup

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    Just saying sup

    Hi I finally found this place. I wanted to say hi, was up, before I start spitting out questions, and get a "who the hell is this guy" replay. lol. I know how bulletin boards are, a closed family.

    A lil bit about my self, well I drive a 95 3000gt and I live in South Florida. Thats enough.

    Since my radio in my car is dead, I picked this idea up AGAIN, I sai again because not too long ago I wanted to do it, but totally forgot about it, and said nah. But the raod NOISE is now driving me insane and I need some tunes. I know this project will take some serious time and hard work but in the end its a loving thing.

    Till then or till my questions Ill be around.

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    Ahh...another floridian...SUP!!!
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