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Thread: why not simply use a lap top?

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    Post why not simply use a lap top?

    I am new to this, but I am just wondering, why people have not really mentioned using a lap top. You can get a cheap p133 or something like that for a couple hundred. This way you have a full screen if you need it or an lcd in dash display, the laptop is very portable so you can take it inside to fill up the lastest mp3's...

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    The biggest challenges are expandibility and upgradeability. I am currently usng my Sony VAIO laptop, however it is my main computer for both work and personal. It is a year old, has a PII/333, 128 MB RAM and a 6.4GB HD. I can only dedicate about 1.5GB to MP3s, giving me about 530 songs. My CD library alone has over 7,000 songs, most of which I would like to rip. Upgrading the hard drives in laptops is nowhere near as easy as with convetional desktops, they cost more to begin with, so even used they are more expensive, and they use a lot of proprietary parts, making them even more difficult to upgrade. They are great for what they can do, but building a machine from convetional desktop parts allows for greater flexibility at a lower cost.

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    Also, the same reasons that move people to decorate their homes differently than the others. Style.

    There are many of us that wants that extra personal touch so the system is hidden or to the contrary to show it to your heart delight.

    Obviously it requieres more technical knowledge to put a bunch of separate pieces to work together thant buy one brick and sit it on the dash.

    Those who like to get their hands dirty, almost always take the longer, harder path.

    Not that I disagree with a clean, short and effective one, but there exists variety.

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