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Thread: well, looks like I'm out again

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    Angry well, looks like I'm out again

    I was ready to buy everything I would need to put the old carputer in the Saturn, even though I was going to go into more debt that I am in already

    I had a credit card with a 10% APR and a $2000 limit, of which I was going to spend about $700.

    Then, last week, my engine started smoking. Hmmm, not a serious problem, until I noticed my oil *STREAMING* out of the engine. Seems I have thrown a rod or cracked the block somehow.

    I had planned on putting a new engine in the black sheep (now known affectionately as the Saturn Valdez) in october, but it looks like I will advancing my plans slightly.

    Debt as of 1/1/05: $34,354.48
    Debt as of July 4, 2007: $0.00 explanation
    I'm now a reasonably successful gunblogger.

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    ouch, sorry to hear that.

    Put the system in anyway, going to need some tunes to listen to during the rebuild


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