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Thread: Never been good at introductions...

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    Never been good at introductions...

    Well I have been snooping around this forum for a month or so and finally decided to join, glad to be apart of this finally. I just recently loaded up my CarPC(to be) with Slackware 8.0 and am looking into installing all the MP3, GPS, and DVD software I need to get the PC running. I drive a 93 Explorer and plan on putting the PC on the floor between the driver and passanger. I am looking for a good 1st. LCD, so any help there would be great, and I don't have a clue as how to power it without losing my cigarete lighters for Radar and Phone Charging. Again, I am glad to be here, see you on the boards...
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    if you want to do GPS.. then I recommand a vga screen. These will run you around 400 for the screen.

    Now powering is easy. You can get a dc-dc PSU those are around 150. The run right from your battery. Or get an inverter. Now i guess you've seen those inverters with the cig lighter attachments. You can either get one that is made to wire into your car batter or just cut off the cig lighter and run the wires to your battery.
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    If by 1st LCD you mean one to start up with to upgrade later.. I wouldn't do that, it's a waste of money, you'll grow tired of it, and just spend money twice. The resale isn't high enough to make it worth while (I learned the hard way)
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    Originally posted by hijinks21
    if you want to do GPS.. then I recommand a vga screen. These will run you around 400 for the screen.
    Hardly.. You can get a controller and inverter from me for $110 shipped, and then a GOOD LCD off of ebay for $50 shipped, and then cable may be hard to find but factor at most another $50 for that and you have a good setup for $210..


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    as for software, you could try navsys

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