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Thread: I think I'm done with the CarPC Deal

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    I think I'm done with the CarPC Deal

    Ok guys if you have a better solution let me kno. Here is my story.

    When it comes to my music, I keep everything I have organized for my ipod touch. I have put countless amounts of time into fabing a dash and making everything work just to have a CarPC that takes way too long to load(even coming out of hibernation takes a good 15-20 seconds), can't read worth **** in daylight, and will no even sync with my ipod touch. I still can't get it to sort my music on my hd the way I want it with the id tags, I did set it up to automatically sync wireless when I turned my car on...yet the second I get it in my car it doesn't work. So here I am with a dash that doesn't look good, no physical volume control, when I first start RR up and change the volume it automatically turns all the way down, and I don't have an easy way to put a CD player up front because my computer is in the trunk. Honestly I want to just sell my parts off and get the Kenwood DNX5140...I just think this project for me has been a complete waste of time.

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    Dear mdawg, having a car computer is a hobby. For me it is a hobby and i love it. For you Kenwood DNX 5140 might be the way to go because you just want to do nothing and get everything which is fine to but it is also that fact that separates "your kind" from "our kind" (no racism of any sort intended, "our kind" is simply kind people that enjoy messing around with technology and troubleshoot problems that might come up because in the end we find pleasure in completing a project on our own). If you are unable to stand up to the pressure then give up and pay someone to accommodate your need.

    Apologies for the roughness

    Sincerely Untraceable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdawg View Post
    when I first start RR up and change the volume it automatically turns all the way down,
    Mention and you shall receive an answer:
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    I just don't get it, I've built all of my computers and I am going into it for my major but I just can't seem to get a handle on this. I started this project with the love of doing something with my car that deals with computers and It has quickly turned into a nightmare. I don't really like any of the frontends or anything. I like features but at the same time for this application and being in the car with lots of distractions I wanted something a little more simpler. The Kenwood just does what I want for my car needs so why should I try to put anymore time into this? I'm not saying I couldn't get it working to a degree of how I want it because I am very capable but I just don't see the outcome being worth the time and effort when there is something that will be everything I Want already.

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    It's not for everyone, and a front end/skin can only do so much. Especially if the user has a particular requirement. Blindly adjusting the volume on a touchscreen can be difficult, or skipping the tracks - versus blindly adjusting the volume/track on a regular headunit.

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    you 'll be back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomader View Post
    you 'll be back
    Yep, he just needs to vent!

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    The hard work is done. Why not try some other front ends and rdp to it from your desk have a play and see if you can get it how you want it to run

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    Well if no frontend bring entire satisfaction / suits your needs, code your own.

    I don't think the "carpc is too long to boot" is an argument. Every computer takes "ages" to boot to zindoz, it's a fact. Even with the latest hardware, 5 second boots are achieved with a micro linux loaded from bios. Solutions with fast boot implies a motherboard supporting win mobile (kontron boards do), or a fine tweaked linux.
    Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p

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    Not true. Thru all the different revisions of my CarPC, at one point I was achieving 8 seconds resume from hibernation, including post times. Linux isn't always the answer. A fine tweaked windows can boot (resume if we wanna get technical) just as fast.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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