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Thread: pioneer Avic F500BT - a $250 carputer ???

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    pioneer Avic F500BT - a $250 carputer ???

    We have a possible inexpensive carputer here and may rival any carputer under $2000 with a few hacks and fixes........

    I need some carputer expertise. I am also a member of avic411 forum. They have stumbled across a way of accessing the WinCE software on the F series gps Navi system. Finally, someone has gotten internet access with the units. I have followed the instructions and I too have internet access with the following issues;

    1) Internet runs from within WinCE and you have no use of the Pioneer software during internet access

    2) the WinCE input display and stylusis the only way to input/manipulate at present (very inconvienent) but the devices do have a USB port. can a mouse and keyboard drivers be added and used

    3) I am experiencing some reboot issues when browsing the web.

    4) can this WinCE be hacked to accept carputer software like available at this site

    The positives are as follows (the new pioneer software release has fixed many early release issues that plagued these units and caused price drops, which I took full advantage of, and I love this thing with the available software hacks....anyway.... the positives)

    the link to the web browser dialog: avic411 dot com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=26523&p=184246#p184246

    1) the display is very good (not the best in sun but good)
    2) has touch screen
    3) has IPOD capable connections and software built in
    4) is a very good sytem for GPS navigation when using the many hacks at avic411, but not available while browsing (needs more hacking to solve)
    5) the higher priced units (now only $400-$600) are indash and could fully function as a carputer, whereas, my F500BT requires a head unit.
    6) it will recognize a hardrive via its USB port
    7) they do have SD card slots (my Wifi card uses it for net access)
    8) the SD slot will access a music player and play most filetypes stored on the SD card
    9) the hacking over at avic411 is extensive and leads me to believe that the carputer software guru's could pull this all together due to the WinCE platform

    We have a possible inexpensive carputer here and if the internet can be made to be accessible while using the pioneer software it would rival any carputer under $

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    Damn good news. I just ordered this unit


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