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Thread: Autonet Wifi for your car?? Worth the $199??

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    Well they just came out with thedatajack, and that is unlimited. There is no 5gb limit. You can use 20gb if you want. Its only 39.99 so that seems like a good deal.

    I have no CarPC installed, so I have not been able to try this out.... Hopefully sometime next year.
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    Once again though ... mifi ... datajack or whatever.. the autonet product is the ONLY device designed for use while in motion. That is the main difference overall.

    The car is a really violent environment to bring internet into.... special technology has to be designed and developed .... nobody else has the auto industry backing their product.... once you use the autonet router ... vs any other wifi/3g/4g device you have .... you will see the difference is night and day.

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    i am not familiar with this, but I think if the procut is useful, this price is ok.

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    datajack need more coverage I think, maybe I just live out in the boon docks, haha

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    get the bell internet stick and a cell phone from bell without a sim card set the sim on a monthly plan that works for both and then you get best of both worlds

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    after the first couple of years you wont need the web nearly half as much youl have all the drivers all the settings enough unheard music to listen to for a year youl get most of that randomly wanting to search for stuf out of your system you use the internet on wifi mostly and that 3 gb a month will seem less like a war zone and a strugle and more like a cozy nest egg and with the low end pc`s you guys seem to have no ofence im only going with high end stuff cause it seems cheaper in the long run i already had to theareticly upgrade from a none extant metaforical 3 ghz dual core to a metaforicle triple core any thing and its still none existant (i dont have it) so im only using 3 gb or 3.5 gb of ram not 4 so its cheaper i got a realy good deal from someones mistake i got half a gig of ddr2 for 5$ and so i got 3 i only need one

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