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Thread: Reviews for Fit-PC2?

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    Reviews for Fit-PC2?

    Has anyone installed or reviewed the Fit-PC2 as their CarPC? I have seen threads on here relating to the first generation 500Mhz but none on the Fit-PC2.

    Here is the wiki-

    Here is the link to the specs-
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    Hey guys,
    just wanted to push this thread. I am very interested in the fit-pc2, too, cause it's cheap, very small and has a rather high performance.
    The one thing that keeps me from buying is the Video-out Connector. It comes as a DVI-connecter designed as a hdmi-connector to get it smaller. The question is, if this connector is DVI-D or DVI-I compatible to use it through a hdmi->dvi->vga with a vga-touchscreen. The chipset in use is capable of both analog and digital video-out. If someone has experience with this pc and a vga-touchscreen, let me know!!


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    This mini-PC realy got my interest, its small, cheap and even performces better that my current car-pc. I am wondering though if its possible to connect a vga-touchscreen to the provided hdmi-connector. This connector is Connector is a DVI-connector desgned as a hdmi-port to reduce the size. The question is now, if it is a dvi-i or dvi-d port, and if its possible for a hdmi-shaped dvi-port to pass through all off the dvi-i signals. The chipset is capable of both analog and digital output, but someone has to test it with a vga-touchscreen through a hdmi->dvi->vga adapter.
    If someone knows more about this little thingy, tell us!


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    I've read that it's possible to go DVI to VGA, but it takes a couple of adapters and takes up space.

    I did see that liliput has a DVI monitor available at the mp3car store.

    this is the link

    Hope this helps, or points you in the right direction.

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