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Thread: New car, want to integrate, no info online yet...

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    New car, want to integrate, no info online yet...

    Well, I put a topic in Laptops but I'm not getting any responses. This thread is on a slightly different subject though:

    I have a 2010 Mazda3 iTouring and I want to integrate the CarPC I have into the radio so I can control it with the steering wheel controls, and more importantly, the existing head unit/audio setup.

    I want the car to be as clean as possible. I have the Bose 6CD/Moonroof package and can't find any info on the stereo (if it has inputs at the Bose amp level or not). It *does* have an aux port, just a single headphone jack in the armrest/console.

    Now, the device CAN use bluetooth, and the laptop I have does have bluetooth, but the car's implementation is a little awkward (have to be stopped to pair devices, doesn't auto-pair, etc).

    How can I integrate the PC (which is about 50% done already) into this audio system? Pics, for reference:


    Head Unit:

    Front of Passenger Seat (I think if I unscrew that bolt, I'll see the Bose amp):

    Rear of Passenger Seat (I think I can mount the PC underneath here, with some clearance on the seat:

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    Here's the basic box I'm contemplating to put under the passenger seat - should be *just* enough room, with about 1 inch clearance. It will be made from 1/4" Plexiglas (McMaster-Carr) and have the motherboard from the laptop mounted on standoffs.

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    NOT through will be very disappointed with the audio quality in a car environment.

    As far as interfacing with the radio:
    1st link on google:

    4th link on google:

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    Thanks, but I've read through those already

    The first one is not extremely helpful (due to the last update - 2006), but it *is* informative. I haven't been able to confirm if the system is identical to the previous generation (2009 and earlier) Bose audio system.

    The Aux solution they're talking about in the second link doesn't clarify if I need a specific connector for the rear of the radio, or if it's just RCA connectors that convert to a mini (headphone) jack.

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