Ive decided that HiJackZX1 isnt really appropriate because they really dont look a like. The real HiJack is a truck, and I drive a SUV. The difference has started to bug me. So Ive decided to rename the car, but want your feed back.

The first name would be the Bass Cruizer, which is also a high multimedia SUV from the Ridge Racer Game. Now to technically make mine the Bass Cruizer, I would have to add more Bass!

Variations would be between the Warpman and Danver versions.

Second name, the Devil / Angel Kid Cruizer. This would be a combination between the Angel Car and the Devil Car, which are literally icons in the Ridge Racer games. On Ridge Racer Revolution there was also a Kid Devil Car, I dont want to just go with the Devil because I believe in balance so I have to have the Angel too, lol. I may drop the Kid tag though!

Would have the iconic devil and angel logos, also with other Namco logos.

Third name, would be to maybe just drop everything and name it simply the ZX1. It would still have logos, but no main name.

Fourth, you guys come up with a name, but has to be based on Ridge Racer and or Namco games. (Please no Mr. Pac man Car).