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Thread: Corrosion, car stalling, can anyone name this part?

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    That device is not on the engine. It's a vent commonly found on transmissions, and I'd hate to say, it's not the cause of your car stalling.

    In a worse case scenario, water may enter the tube if the hose is chewed or broken.

    If it is completely plugged without any ventilation, then you will eventually encounter a blown torque converter seal, or rear tail-shaft seal. If the vehicle is a front wheel drive, the output half-shaft seals will be blown if that device were plugged up.

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    The car only throws the check engine when it is stalled and I can't exactly check it with obd when im stalled at a stop light. What ended up being the issue is my throttle body. Cleaned that up real nice and works again. Thanks everyone for your help.
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    take it out and start your car of it doesent fix it stick your finger on the tube it came off of if you feel something its gata be re caped tape it all up for now i think you might have other problems thoe my car has loads of electrical problems and i had mice luckily it wasnt in the engine

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