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Thread: mini itx enclosure

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    mini itx enclosure

    there any motherboard enclosures that fit in a din slot where a cd player used to be. just for the motherboard. has mounting screws where cd player used to bolt in. I haven't been able to find something like this.

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    i have not seen any prebuilt enclosures like what you want, though, i have built one for myself, that didnt work for me, so it was later sold to another member here(tbird2340) attempting to do the same thing. this is the start of his pics of the board and its fitment:

    i am not sure how easy, or good it will be for ventilation, but it should not be that hard to create a single din enclosure for one.

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    I ended up using a piece of aluminum flat stock and acrylic sheet. mobo is mounted to the acrylic sheet using short pc standoffs. acrylic is secured to the aluminum flat stock with screws. prety simple.

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