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Thread: Open Computing Solution -- OCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasGuy View Post
    In a previous post, I mentioned the possibility of Microsoft or Intel getting into the CarPC game in a big way (at least domestically).

    Microsoft Sync is well known. Microsoft Auto less so. That's the industry relations side of the house. They do try to cover as many bases up front as possible. But as someone pointed out, sometimes the software has to wait for the hardware. Which brings us to Intel:

    This and related materials show that Intel is definitely looking at this market. This is a full-up single DIN 7" TFT touchscreen carPC. Front and rear independent audio and video, 8 USB and 2 Com, DVI out, Video out, Sata. 1ghz Celeron with 2gb ram.

    Vaporware? Possibly. But if you read a little of the copy, you'll see that they talk about and address many of the issues brought up in this thread.

    Something to ponder, no?

    It's very public and obvious that intel is working on carPC stuff. A lot of the stuff they are producing is publicly accessible too: Moblin, Connman, oFono, etc. Linux really isn't there yet (as you will note if you try out LinuxICE 2). But these among other pieces plug the holes and will make it a very compelling platform very soon. Getting cold boot down to a couple seconds and making connectivity just work ain't just for netbooks girls and boys and there are far more cars on the road then there are netbooks and laptops.
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    the biggest difference between a mp3car members carputer and what any mass produced carputer is the customization.

    i built a carputer because i can run audio processing programs in the computer for about half the price of what a comparable car audio unit that does the same thing would cost.

    many built car computers to fill a void that they thought that any aftermarket solution was lacking (wifi, gps data, music/video storage, etc).

    i personally don't see very large of a market in a niche product like car computers because, if you ask around, most people don't feel that their car is lacking anything as long as it plays music, or routes them to their destination (most of my relatives are perfectly happy with whatever the factory installed in the car). the people that i do know that have swapped out their headunit for a aftermarket solution did so either to get better sound, add subs, or to play mp3's, or a ipod.

    the other rather large issue is the reliability-- sadly, windows has taken over a large share of the home computer market, and with that, people have come to expect that computers have issues, and crash, all to often. in fact, most people that i tell that i have a computer in my car usually ask me how often i have to fix it... you would also need to overcome this perception of reliablitiy issues of computers, even with a reliable linux based option...

    the aftermarket sound area is already a small niche market, so carputers, if they could become reliable enough would become a crumb-off-of-a-crumb type of accessory--so for now, i think that carputing is just big enough for the big names to keep it on their radar, but not enough for them to start spending serious development time and money on their own interations, or consider buying up smaller companies to have a steak in the small market...

    for the last 2 years at the chicago auto show, ford has been displaying the f150 that rob did a blog video post on--i have watched peoples reactions at the booth while waiting for family members looking at other displays, and most of them are the same-- some shrug, some wonder who would want to do it, and most ignore it, and a very few want to get a demo of what it can do... i would be kind of interested in how many they have sold so far, and who services the units(the articles say their window$ based)...

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