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Thread: my battery keeps dieing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewizard View Post
    That electrical smoke sure does stink though doesn't it? I have melted more than my share of voice coils back in my SPL days to know it all too well.
    hahaha.. yea its got a very distinctive smell. the smell hit me before i seen any smoke so i was like wtf is that smell thinking it came from inside me haha.. then i saw the smoke and thought i my truck was going to burn to the ground

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    i know a mechanic that just sent out a customers car and 30min later he got a call back saying the truck was burned to a crisp. engine caught fire, and he did not have an extinguisher. long story short he has to wait for the fire department to gear up and get there.. so no more truck for him.

    i dont know how anyone can drive without an extinguisher, but too many people do.

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