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Thread: Engine noise only with sirius on

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    Engine noise only with sirius on

    I had this issue with the EEE PC i was using and now with the one i built. I moved the MJS unit away from power but the sirius unit itself is still near the Carnetix 2140 unit. if i go to music i do not get any noise and with the amp just on it has no noise. any ideas what is causing it. I am leaning towards the 3.5mm plugs.
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    engine noise is usually caused by ground loops-- either bad grounding connection, or with devices that are connected together, but powered, and grounded to different physical points in the car. you can try changing the location that the unit is powered to the same loaction as the other items, otherwise, try moving it away from the power supply.

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    I get some ground loop noise from my ALP1. It sounds a hell of a lot better if it's connected with an optical cable.

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