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Thread: Ford "Touch" coming soon

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    Ford "Touch" coming soon

    It's happened. Fords is releasing a vehicle boasting a touch screen system, or what he have had for years, a "Carputer". I was a little disappointed by it since I have always felt a little cutting edge and privileged to have technologies not immediately available to the general consumer. It is called "the ford touch". They are marketing the entire vehicle around this concept. Maybe it will be a good thing, maybe some tech manufacturers will start building nice drop in dash PC systems or create something new for the community to hack up and use. We'll see. I just thought this was interesting. I am not sure if or what operating system it uses or who is making the interface for them.

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    Article here:

    Apparently it's a spiffier version of ford sync.
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    For those of us that got to see it, it was fairly impressive compared to sync (which was basic at best)....but the biggest features are the ability to add 3rd party apps and the now open licensing of the underlying technology which Kia has already began using and other OEMs will soon follow suite.

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