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Thread: Pioneer AVIC-U310BT POI Update

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    Pioneer AVIC-U310BT POI Update

    Hello. I am wondering if anyone has a Pioneer AVIC-U310BT and has gotten the POI update card from Pioneer. I think its rediculous that they didnt include these in the first place and are now charging $100 for the update SD card. Does anyone know of a way or place where I can get this update without shelling out the $100? I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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    I want to know too. Can you just download them and share them maybe?
    Also by removing the faceplate can you do anything w/ that? I know the gps antenna isn't in there so what can you do with just the screen?

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    hey! just came across this post when i was searching for an update myself. i came across this;

    does this help?

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