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Thread: How to change labels on stock buttons

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    How to change labels on stock buttons

    So I am thinking of getting a new Jetta TDI, and I was looking at the dash thinking through how to best put in a car PC. What I would like to do is leave the stock bezel untouched, however there are a lot of buttons on each side that I would like to reuse and use for power for the screen, computer on/off/restart, brightness up and down, etc.

    Anyway, assuming this is possible, does anyone have any idea how to paint new names/labels on the buttons and have them look stock?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yea find a plastics manufacturer to injection mold you a new set of buttons....including the design work, if you shop around, you might be able to keep that in the 3 digit range.

    The button text isn't painted on, its clear and black plastic molded together with an internal button board behind it. So thats a no on both counts unless the button boards are external...sorry.

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