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Thread: wiring help needed

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    wiring help needed


    I am trying to wire a boot popper kit to my car with a slight twist I want to be able to pop the boot either from pressing the button that is mounted in the dash or the button that will go where the rear wiper used to be. I will be using the rear wiper motor as my power supply. My questions are the following,

    Can I use two power sauces ( i need to be able to press either switch and it should open the boot) going into pin 86 if not what options have I got?

    Is it ok to wire one device to more than one relay ? ie the boot popper slenoid because if it is then I suppose I could use two relays and that should work.


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    Yep it is correct, just put the buttons or switches in parallel and you will be fine. It's called a "OR", "AND" would be multiple push-buttons in series.

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