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Thread: All-in-One Carpc for $150

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    Nicely done....

    Just let it go....not worth the fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trader007 View Post
    im sure you feel mighty and high with all your rep points, youre wife must think youre a stud!
    My wife doesn't, but malcom2073 is jealous of my danglies.

    Just for the record, I caught the idiocracy reference immediately and took no offense. The movie overly exaggerated what could really be a potential problem in the future. I mean, it's got what plants crave right?

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trader007 View Post
    chronoguy- that is exactly the type of device he was looking at, but the one he showed me was complete garbage. that one actually looks like it might work... ill have to check it out thanks! what store is that from by the way?
    Just go on ebay, dealextreme or any place that sells Chinese GPS units.

    Google or search "Windows CE GPS AV-IN"
    They have CE 5, CE 6. Some have SD slots, some have bluetooth and some have other stuff.
    I'd look for one w/ a Samsung CPU and SIRF III GPS. I'd also get one with a USB host so you can add more storage.

    Then Google, "Hack Windows CE Navigation" The same hacking applies to hacking MIO, Magellan, Navigon Navigation PNDs.
    You can make complete front-ends that boots off SD to your own interface and application launcher.

    You can install pretty much any CE based Navigation (iGo, IGuidance, Garmin, Mio, OnCourse, Tom Tom, Navigon) and any CE based media players.

    They have different web browsers too like Opera and Safari/WebKit based ones.

    You'll get 90% functionality of a real carpc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chronoguy View Post
    You'll get 90% functionality of a real carpc.
    a basic carpc.. these things will never come close to a real carpc thanks for the tips about the samsung processor and the usb input, sounds like solid advice.

    im not fighting either, to those wondering. if some are taking it as hostile then i cant help them, you can only be so politically correct before you die of boredom. if someone says something thats out of line i have no problem throwing it right back at them. thats online, in real life, anywhere. even though my 'rep points' show that i am a zero, it doesnt reflect how many i have actually helped here and you cant correlate one's rating to anothers, because its all voluntary and usually never gets tallied.... like i was saying, those stupid points system things are nothing more then a popularity handjob. actually using that alone as an argument to better position one-self is lame to say the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidder View Post
    My wife doesn't, but malcom2073 is jealous of my danglies.
    all must be envious of your emeralds! and i cant believe i used 'youre' instead of 'your'. i hate that, and i rarely care if people have poor english!

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