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Thread: Total Computer Wattage Draw

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    Total Computer Wattage Draw

    How can i determine the total wattage draw of my computer.

    The way i have tested so far is to hook the computer up to an inverter and test the amperage and voltage at the interver. But someone told me that is an inaccurate way to do it.

    Any more accurate ways, besides looking at the labels on the hardware.

    Because there is no label on my motherboard or my geforce 4 mx 440.

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    When you measure the curren t going into the invertor your adding in the inefficiencies of the invertor as well as multipling any inaccuracies. The best way would be to find the rateings of all the components, but if you can't find those you could measure the current on each line from the p.s. Or just take the measurement you have and add a10% fudge factor and go from there


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